On the morning of Sunday, April 12, 1981, Plumas County, California sheriff’s deputies were called to Cabin 28 of the low-income village known as the Keddie “resort.” In the bloodied living room of the cabin, they discovered the dead bodies of Glenna Sue Sharp, her 15-year-old son Johnny Sharp, and Johnny’s 17-year-old friend, Dana Wingate. Deputies were told that 10-year-old Ricky Sharp, 5-year-old Greg Sharp, and 12-year-old neighbor boy Justin Eason Smartt, had slept through the night in a bedroom adjacent to the living room. Sue Sharp’s pretty, learning-challenged 12-year-old daughter Tina was reported missing by her 14-year-old sister Sheila, who told deputies she had spent the night in the Seabolt family cabin next door. Plumas County Sheriff Doug Thomas immediately requested help from the California Department of Justice, who instantly dispatched two crime scene evidence experts and two of their most experienced detectives. Tina’s remains were discovered in a remote location three years later. The case was never solved.

In 2004, amateur documentary filmmaker Josh Hancock made a documentary about the cold case, in which he claimed that a neighbor of the Sharp’s, Vietnam veteran and step-father of Justin, Martin Smartt, and a con artist associate of his, Severin John “Bo” Boubede, had been known to have committed the crime—and that Plumas County officers, and California DOJ detectives had all conspired to swiftly protect Boubede, and by extension, Smartt, from arrest and prosecution, because Boubede supposedly was a “made man” in Sam Giancana’s Mafia. Several Plumas County officials and other “documentary” producers have perpetuated this ridiculous claim right through to this day.

In this episode, featuring listeners Kim and Kathy, The Stones Unturned Podcast continues to re-examine the entire case as it unfolded in 1981. Tonight, we take a close look at the crime scene, the physical evidence, and the autopsy reports on victims Sue Sharp, Johnny Sharp, and Dana Wingate. Keep plugging in to The Stones Unturned Podcast, and learn what we’ve learned!

To see and discuss crime scene photos, police reports, and other vital documents from the Cabin 28 Murders, visit http://zodiackillerhoax1986.freeforums.net/


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